Technical Guidance

Learn about the technical aspects of Box, and the different ways to connect.


If your host/computer is:

    • On Zscaler – All above tools should work without any issues
    • On Global Protect – Please open a ticket by sending an email to We need to add you SUI to an AD group.
    • Is hard-wired in MITRE office – Please open a ticket by sending an email to We need to add you SUI to an AD group.
    • In Data Center or Lab (behind MITRE firewall) – Please send an email to, with your servername and the IP address. We need to work with Infosec to add your server to a whitelist.

Uploading large files

For file sizes over 50MB Box recommends using the Chunk Upload APIs.

Connect to Box using FTPS (File Transfer Protocol Secure) via:

    1. FileZilla
    2. WinSCP
    3. LFTP (mostly for Linux and MacOS)
    4. CURL

To access Box’s FTP server:

    • Server:
    • Username: or (SSO log-in not supported)
    • Password: your Box account password. To set/retrieve this password, click on the profile icon (top right corner), and select Account Settings. Scroll down to Authentication, and set/reset password there.

    • Port: for implicit encrypted connection (FTPS): 990

NOTE: FTPS access is only available for full (“managed”) Box accounts.


Connect using FileZilla

    • Host: ftps://
    • Username:
    • Password: your account password (can be set/reset on your Box login via opening “Account Settings”)
    • Port: 990
    • Click on “Quickconnnect”


Connect using WinSCP

    • Host name:
    • Port number: 990 (WinSCP will set encryption to “TLS/SSL Implicit encryption”)
    • Username:
    • Password: explained above
    • Hit “Login”


Connect using lftp

    • $ lftp
    • lftp :~> open ftps://
    • lftp []> user
    • Password: explained above

* It appears that connecting using LFTP from Linux servers residing in the data center doesn’t work without setting  environment variables. The workaround is to create a file called .lftprc or /etc/lftp.conf, and set the following options:

set ftps:initial-prot “”
set ftp:ssl-protect-data true
set ftp:use-feat no
set ftp:passive-mode on
set ftp:ssl-force yes
set ftp:ssl-force true

* At present, there is known issue where uploading file(s) smaller than 1MB would showup in Box with 0 byte in size. Working with technical support to fix it.

Examples: lftp -u, ‘your-password’ ftps://


Connect using curl

  • curl -1 -v –disable-epsv –ftp-skip-pasv-ip -u –ftp-ssl -T ftps://
  • curl -1 -v –disable-epsv –ftp-skip-pasv-ip -u –ftp-ssl –output ftps://


Connect using Box custom App

  • A Custom App is best used when the application:
  • To Create a new Box app:
    • Go to the Developer Console –
    • Select Create New App.
    • Select Custom App as the type of application to create, and click Next.
    • Select OAuth 2.0 with JWT as the authentication method, and click Next.
    • Give your Box app a unique name and click Create App.
    • Select your application scope in “Configration” tab
    • Submit for an approval by clicking on “Review and Submit” on the “Enablement” tab
    • Find more documentation on custom app here at

Connect using Box CLI

The Box CLI is a user-friendly command line tool which allows both technical and non-technical users to leverage the Box API to perform routine or bulk actions. There is no need to write any code, as these actions are executed through a set of commands.

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