TAPS is a system used by ECIS to securely check-out a password to be used in development and Integration systems. Below are detailed information bites on the basics of TAPS so that you and your team will be able to start creating with WordPress as quickly as possible. 



Requesting a TAPS Account
  1. Follow this link to the TAPS Account PAGE
  2. determine the role that best fits your needs. 
  3. When determined, press the “submit” button on the right and file a request for the TAPS account.
TAPS Account Checkout Process
  1. Go to comm.mitre.org/taps
  2. press “go to TAPS” button
  3. sign in with normal network creds
  4. if you creds are not working, that means you need to request a taps account
  5. Once logged in, in the search account section, enter your sui account username
  6. pick the account that you would like and check out the password.
  7. follow the prompt to checkout password.
  8. once checked out, you are able to see password and enter a site.
Logging into a Dev/Int site
  1. Go to the desired dev URL 
  2. when prompted to log in, log in with youre dev username “someone@dev.mitre.org” 
  3. For the password, provide the log in menu with your TAPS provided password. 
  4. you will then be logged into the WordPress Admin menu

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