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The MITRE Partnership Network Offers effective tools to communicate with Customers and Partners alike via Externally facing WordPress-based websites that are owned, operated and managed by MITRE staff.
Request an External WordPress Site

Please Find Below the terms & conditions of using an Externally facing WordPress account. Please note that this page is for reference but as a WordPress site owner, is binding you to the following:


External WordPress Site Terms & Conditions for CUI Handling

I certify that I, as the owner of an external WordPress website, accept the following as responsibilities for my WordPress website and its ongoing management:

I will manage the following:

  • Users and their access levels (with periodic user permission audits and evaluations).
  • Content that users are allowed to see.
  • You must ensure that content is never exposed to users who do not have proper permissions.

I Understand that:

  • WordPress Admins (team and MPN) will have access to all site content.
  • You must share this agreement and review this with all other admins.
  • Admins who are leaving the project and/or are not longer relevant to the site must have their permissions adjusted appropriately.

I am responsible for:

  • Protecting content according to MITRE policies and federal laws
  • Maintaining content relevance as per site approval.
  • Publish content with high level of information quality.


I understand that leading a team allows me, the team leader and site owner, to delegate tasks. However, those tasks are still my responsibility and if there is a violation of policy I am solely responsible.

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