MITRE Partnership Network Support

The MITRE Partnership Network, or MPN, enables MITRE staff to collaborate effectively with—and deliver critical content to—our customers and partners.
Core CapabilitiesGeneral MPN Support

Here you will find general information and support documentation for various parts of the MITRE Partnership Network (MPN). Specific tool support information will require you to log in with your MPN account to access.

MPN Account FAQs


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Tool Retirements in Progress

SFT is Being Retired


Collaboration – Usually exhibited by a tight-knit group working around a shared goal or product, often in real-time.

Example: a project team working on a deliverable

Coordination & Cooperation – Interaction with the goal of building a shared understanding and helping each other, ususally not in real-time.

Example: a community of practice seeking ways to improve their craft

Information Sharing – Broadcasting of information around a common goal or problem without much participation from receivers. 

Example: a web page describing a project

Core Capabilities

CS Partners

Built on SharePoint Server 2019, Community Share Partners is MITRE’s externally-facing collaboration platform for project teams.

Uses MITRE Partnership Network Account


Box is a modern content collaboration solution that allows you to securely edit and share files across groups working together across organizations.

External Users Use BOX Account


A full suite of Partner-accessible Atlassian products for developers (issue tracking, code versioning, etc).

Uses MITRE Partnership Network Account


SFT / Kiteworks

Secure File Transfer allows MITRE employees and external Partners to exchange large (or sensitive) documents and file collections with shared folders or secured emails. 

Uses MITRE Partnership Network Account

Being Retired
Please look into migrating to BOX for non-CUI work.


Slack moves conversations out of siloed inboxes and into topic-based conversations called channels.

Uses MITRE Partnership Network Account


Publish engaging web sites, and keep your customers coming back via subscription-based newsletters.

Uses MITRE Partnership Network Account

General MPN Support

If you need help leveraging MPN capabilities, we are here to help!


Resource for MITRE and external Partners.

Submit a Ticket

Discuss your needs or issues over email with a member of our team. 

New Project

MPN has provided tools or helped develop many MITRE initiatives using our tools over the years. We can assist with your next external engagement or collaboration! 

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