Demo Sites

Here, you may find a directory of site templates that MPN offers to its WordPress Customers. There are a variety of templates that are designed to fit different needs. These templates are all fully customizable and pages seen on other templates can be exchanged as needed. For more information, please reach out to your MPN contact.

Informational Site

A General WordPress templaate that has been designed to broadcast information about MITRE’s works. There are plenty of pre-defined spaces for adding “blurbs” of information and pictures to create a professional looking site.

Community Site

The Community Site boasts an informative site that includes a areas for pictures that also serve as links. The community site also hosts a private sub-site that will be generated so that only site members are able to access. This allows for a public/private mixed site.

Classic WP Template

The current WordPress Template that all site owners receive when they request their development site. This site has all of the basics and serves as a great starting point for building all-purpose sites.

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