Secure File Transfer (SFT) Retirement

Why is SFT/Kiteworks being retired?

SFT/Kiteworks has been an important component of MPN for over ten years. During that time, MITRE has moved beyond shuttling files back and forth over the firewall, and towards more meaningful and collaborative engagements with our external Partners. Box has been in use at MITRE for several years, and has proven itself to be a reliable, capable platform for modern content collaboration.


How can I learn more about SFT's replacement, Box?

If you have additional questions about Box, want to discuss additional integrations, or are running into hurdles when working with external Partners - please contact


Important Dates:

  • November 1, 2022: Solutions Live training on using Box.
  • November 18, 2022: limits to new content uploads introduced.
  • December 15, 2022: de-facto retirement date for SFT/Kiteworks.
  • July 3, 2023: due to concurrent MPA retirement, auto-invitations are no longer functional. New users have to be invited via Launch Control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform should I use to store files that once resided on SFT/Kiteworks?

It depends. Here are a few options:

  • Partners2 (for CUI documents and files under 250mb each)
  • DOD SAFE (8gb limit per transaction and CAC required)
  • Other Sponsor-hosted tools
  • OneDrive or Teams for MITRE ONLY shared documents and files
  • Encrypted email
  • Box (for non-CUI)

Will my data get copied over automatically?

At this time, an automatic transition is not planned, since content in SFT/Kiteworks is completely unstructured. You can use the following steps to copy data over:
- In SFT/Kiteworks, select a folder, and press "Download". This will pull down the entire folder, including any subdirectories, in a ZIP file.
- Install Box Sync, which allows you to synchronize folder(s) on your computer with Box.
- Create a new Box folder via the sync client.
- Unzip the downloaded file into that new folder, and let Box push it up to the server.

How do I invite new users into SFT/Kiteworks?

First, create the SFT folder, and copy the location of the folder.

Next, visit Launch Control, and create a new "engagement" for your project. In that engagement, create a new workspace of the "Bookmark Website" type. Set the URL of the workspace to point to the SFT folder.

Then add members to the workspace that need invites. This will issue the invite to create an account.  Standard Bookmark workspaces do not manage the permissions downstream, so you will still need to grant them permissions within the folder in SFT.

Do permissions migrate along with files from SFT/Kiteworks to Box?

In short, no. Box uses different accounts/invitations from SFT/Kiteworks - plus, project folders in Box will be organized in a structured way for better findability.

What training opportunities are available to move to Box?

A Solutions Live event was hosted on November 1, 2022. If you missed the live event, watch on demand via FastJump: Solutions Live.

I use SFT/Kiteworks when working at a sponsor site to transfer files to my MITRE laptop. Can I use Box or another method for this same purpose?

Yes, you can move files from your Box account to your computer. If you need other corporate file storage/sharing options, see this infographic.

I suspect that my Sponsor/Partner organization is blocking access to Box - how can I confirm?

Please review the informational site tracking Box usage at sponsor locations.

If your external partner is not listed, pleas send them this Welcome to Box link as a test. If they cannot access it, please notify us.

Other Questions?

Contact the MITRE Partnership Network support team via