External Collaboration

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You’ve set up a Box folder / file and are ready to share  with external partners and sponsors.  Here are the basic steps to get you started, helpful information you might want to know and additional learning resources to help you become more proficient at setting access and permission levels.

Share Content with External Partners & Sponsors by Setting Permissions

  • Create a project folder or upload a file.
  • Hover over the folder or file to reveal menu options.
  • Look for (and click on) the Share button.
  • Invite your external parties by typing in their email addresses.
  • Choose the level of access you’d like to give them. The default option is Editor.  Click on the drop down to view additional options.
    • Note: Access cascades from the top.  Access provided at the top folder level, will be inherited by all the subsequent children folders & files. 
    • Create a Shared link, if you’d like.  Share links enable you to quickly copy and share hyperlinks to content stored in Box with your coworkers and partners.  Visit Creating Shared Links to learn more.
  • Click on the Send button to notify your partners/sponsors.


What Your Sponsor or Partner Sees 

Once you send the notification, invitees shall receive an email invitation from Box with a link to the folder.

  • The invite will have your name and a noreply@box.com
  • The subject line will state <your name> has invited you to collaborate on Box
  • In the body will be a link to the folder you shared
  • If the invitee does not have a Box account, they will be prompted to create one.
  • If the invitee has a Box account associated with their email, they will be prompted to login using either their MITRE credentials or associated Box account.  If invitees have an MPN account associated with their email, they may sign in using their MITRE credentials.

Additional Resources:

Learn more about access and permissions at Box Support > Collaborating


Other Questions?

Contact the MITRE Partnership Network support team via mpnsupport@mitre.org.